Risk-based Systems to Improve Return to Work Outcomes After Workplace Injuries

The need for risk-based systems for line managers to improve return to work outcomes and the retention of skilled workers in the Australian Mining Industry is ever present.

With such a strong focus in 2012 on the shortage and retention of a skilled workforce, particularly within the mining industry, due consideration needs to be paid to the health of the workforce and in particular, the loss of skilled workers following workplace injuries. Whilst significant training, resources and systems exist to support workplace rehabilitation personnel, few, if any, exist to support the line manager. This group have significant influence on achieving successful and sustainable return to work outcomes as they interact with and manage the workforce as part of their day to day duties.

In this article, we use the mining industry to examine the economic and environmental factors impacting on the health of the workforce and the need to involve line managers in delivering successful return to work outcomes following a workplace injury.

If you would like to read the full article please click on the link to Risk Management Magazine.

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