Designed by health & wellbeing professionals, for application by service providers.

2CRisk provides an efficient and reliable health information management solution that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements and address the specific health needs of your clients.

Secure new clients by utilising the platform to demonstrate the positive impact and ROI of your health services; factors which are also critical for client retention.

Specifically designed to address the challenges faced by your clients, 2CRisk facilitates consistent data collection within a centralised location. You no longer need to cross reference multiple spreadsheets to analyse health results, track participation and report to your clients.

Increasing your operating efficiency using 2CRisk leads to competitive advantage and increased value for your clients.


  • Tailor look, feel and content to improve engagement.
  • Report on ROI of health services delivered.
  • Leverage analysis of health information to identify new service opportunities with existing customers.
  • Track activity levels and costs of 3rd party providers to verify invoicing.