2CRisk Exhibiting at National Workplace Health Conference for 3rd year in a row

Yes, its with great pleasure that we will be exhibiting at this fantastic, informative conference for the 3rd straight year. You can find details on our Events page or click on the link WHAA 2015 National Conference

For the 9th straight year, the Workplace Health Association of Australia is proud to announce its National Workplace Health Conference dates. We’re heading back to Melbourne for 2015

As we have done in the past, these events will showcase leaders in the field of Workplace Health from both academia and business. You’ll hear theory and practice, what works, what’s new, what’s coming. And you’ll hear it from the program recipients as well as the program providers – all the perspectives that matter. Technology has revolutionised health service delivery globally, and workplace health is no different. But whilst we might be blown away by wearable activity monitors with built in ECGs wirelessly feeding data to our smartphones, or Apps to manage sleep, exercise and stress, we need to remember that people power still matters. One of the best predictors of health behaviours is the health habits of those in your social network. They give up smoking, you’re more likely to, they gain weight, you catch it! (in fact a review of four hundred thousand person years of data from the Framingham study found that when one friend gains weight, the likelihood of you following suit goes up 57%, two friends – 171%). Hence the workplace as a setting for health change and improvement is ideal.


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