Improve the health of your workforce and reduce costs

2CRisk is a cloud based occupational health platform designed to help organisations proactively manage employee health & wellbeing in one central location and gain the intelligence required to target identified health risks and improve productivity.

Improve employee health and measure the ROI

Organisations operating in high health risk environments can experience any number of these challenges, all having a negative impact on employee morale and the bottom line.

2CRisk is a preventive health solution for your most important asset: your people
  • Plan

    Baseline health risks. Identify key areas for improvement. Tailor health programs to address the specific needs of your organization, industry and employees.

  • Manage

    Proactively case manage employee health from hire to retire, in one secure location.

  • Assess

    Aggregate health data to identify changing risks and measure the ROI.

  • Improve

    Apply new health intelligence to adjust your health program, reduce health costs and increase productivity.

Applicable to multiple industries, hear about the successful implementation of 2CRisk in other organisations...
  • D’Accord Psychological Health Services
  • Occupational Assistance Service
  • DTC
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A monthly subscription model is available to employers based on the size of your workforce.

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