A tailored solution to solve your organisational health & wellbeing challenges.

The 2CRisk health software offers a variety of capabilities covering the entire employment lifecycle, in the form of different apps. Choose the apps that target your own organisational challenges, and only pay for what you need.

  • Employment Medical

    Manage the health risks coming into your organisation by customising the employment medical process to address the risks identified in the relevant job task analysis.

    The 2CRisk MyHealth App affords organisations the ability to design and implement their own pre-employment questionnaires and send them to applicants via a secure link to our Apex App for completion. This allows an anywhere, anytime approach to enhance your pre-employment practices, whilst reducing both time and costs.

  • Health Management

    Manage health and wellbeing programs in one central location. Case manage individuals, and target investment based on the individual and organisational risks identified.

    Design, create and manage all of your physical health and psychological wellbeing programs on the one platform for use across your entire workforce and includes all periodic assessment needs.

  • Event Management

    Critical Incident Management is now standard practice in high risk environments, including Emergency Services, Correctional Services and organisations where employees are exposed to occupational health risk such as trauma, difficult and stressful situations and providing services in complex and changing environments.

    Identify incidents and allocate resources to manage individuals, either through external (EAP/Psychological) or internal (PEER) support programs.

  • Injury Management

    Assure workplace injuries are managed effectively and clearly recorded to deliver optimum return to work (RTW) outcomes, and reduce the overall size and duration of injury claims.

  • Inventory Management

    For organisations with On-Site Clinics, our Inventory Management app allows easy dispensing of pharmaceuticals, disposable and complimentary medicines.

    Managed in conjunction with health programs and diagnosis, organisations can track individual and cohort risk and effect change over time.

  • Health Intelligence

    Aggregate and analyse all health and wellbeing data in one place to monitor changing health risks and demonstrate ROI of your health program.