About Us

2CRisk is an Independent Software Vendor dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the global workforce. To achieve that goal, we feel that there are three main ingredients that we must always keep in focus Needs Led Product Development – that the ongoing development of our solution should be driven by global occupational health Read More…

nick binns

Managing Director

Please stop talking to me about your product and tell me how you can help me address the business challenges we face

This statement became a constant message to software vendors when Nick was CIO at a large, listed retailer.

This experience, along with 12 years of outcome-based business consulting have helped shape how 2CRisk engages with and supports their customers. It’s also helped shape the product and its capability.

Raised in the UK, and with a 3 year stint in South Africa, Nick and his family live in Brisbane, Australia. Maintaining the balance between work, playing hockey and drumming in a local band helps Nick maintain the drive to keep growing 2CRisk to achieve its vision to become a global business.

Mark Cassidy

General Manager Innovation

Mark Cassidy is a founding director of 2CRisk and is the thought leader for product development. Mark holds a Master’s degree in Risk Management and undergraduate qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety. Prior to the establishment of 2CRisk, Mark worked for 15 years in high risk environments such as Mining and Construction in employee health, injury management and workers compensation.

Mark holds a Senior Associate position in the Australian New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance is a Fellow of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia and is a Chartered Professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia. Mark has also worked within most jurisdictions for personal injury cases, such as CTP, Health Management, Income Protection and Public Liability.

Mark is a regular conference presenter, which includes papers at the Queensland Workers Compensation Summit, Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland, the NSW Workers Compensation Forum and the Queensland Resource Council conference.

Derek Frost

Chief Technology Officer

30 years of experience designing, developing and implementing simple software solutions to complex business challenges made Derek an ideal candidate for taking on 2CRisk.

Derek is a rare breed in his ability to develop quickly using agile methodologies and understand the pressures and realities of commercialisation. He has programmed in many different languages across a diverse portfolio of industries including education and airport management